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(Absorbable sterile fibriller Collagen for Dental Surgery)

HEMOCOLL (Absorbable sterile fibriller Collagen for Dental Surgery)

Hemocoll is high purity Type-I reconstituted collagen to be used in extraction sites and biopsy sites. The benefits of Hemocoll products are controls bleeding and stabilizes blood clots, faster healing process and helps in the regeneration of lost tissue.


  • After five to ten minutes, excess Hemocoll collagen fibres should be removed, either by teasing away or by irrigation with saline, followed by aspiration. If breakthrough bleeding occurs in areas of thin application, additional Hemocoll may be applied. The amount required will depend on the severity of bleeding.


  • Hemocoll collagen fibre is derived from a bovine or ovine source and should not be used in patients with known sensitivity to such material.


  • Do not re-sterilize. Hemocoll collagen fibre is sterile if the package is dry, unopened and undamages. Do not use if the package seal is broken. The device must be used prior to the expiration date. Discard all open Hemocoll collagen fibre and any unused portions.


  • Hemocoll collagen fibre should be stored in a clean, dry location at room temperature. Do not store above 32°C to (90°F).


  • Hemocoll collagen fibre has been sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.


  • Hemocoll collagen fibre shelf life is 3 years.

Packing Details

  • Catalogue Number Product Size - ml Packaging design
    7002-01.B 2.5 1 Unit / Pouch
    7002-02.B 5 1 Unit / Pouch