"Proud Leader In Advanced Collagen Based Biotechnology
Products Manufacturing And Distributing Since 2001"

Advanced Biotech Products (P) Ltd

ABP has acquired a U.S. patented proprietary collagen production technology to make it a leader in this field. We are now the only US patent Technology high purity, bio-compatible and less immunogenic collagen products manufacturer treating and saving thousands of human lives.

Advanced Biotech Products (P) Ltd. (ABP)

Advanced Biotech Products (P) Ltd. (ABP) is a registered Company in Chennai, India, which develops, manufactures and markets collagen-based products. Collagen has become an important tool for hastening the healing process of injured tissues. ABP has affiliation with a California based company in USA that has developed proprietary (U.S. Patented) methods to manufacture highly purified collagen, and to make other surface modifications to enhance bioactivity of the protein. Such technical advancements make us to provide the best innovative technology clinical surgical products for the tissue repair and regenerative purposes.

  • Dermal Surgical
  • General Surgical

    (Cardio, Ortho, Vascular, Neuro & Surgical Oncology)

  • Dental Surgical
  • Skincare cosmetics
  • Research

Our Products

We are proud to announce the highlighted products are exclusively distributed in India and surrounding countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal and Srilanka. Other major countries in the wolrd are distributed through Encoll Corp., USA.

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